Running JIRA Software securely behind Apache with ISPConfig 3.1

If you use both JIRA and ISPConfig on a server you might want to set-up a reverse proxy to serve the JIRA frontend securely on the standard HTTPS port just like other websites in your ISPConfig setup. ISPConfig uses Apache to serve websites whereas JIRA has its own web-server (Tomcat). It is not straight-forward to share a single port such as the HTTPS port 443 between two applications. The Apache Reverse-Proxy feature allows us to do so however.

Secure JIRA using Apache Reverse-Proxy
Secure JIRA using Apache Reverse-Proxy

Advantages of using a reverse-proxy instead of serving JIRA on a different port are as follows:

  • Single entry-point for all web traffic
  • Access- and certificate management in one place (Apache via ISPConfig)
  • Only one or two (HTTP/HTTPS) ports need to be opened to the public
  • No need to specify the port when navigating to the JIRA instance
  • Allows traffic and statistics monitoring through Apache

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Random Midpoint Displacement Fractal (RMDF)

The Random Midpoint Displacement Fractal (RMDF) is a fractal this is often used for generating height-maps, landscapes, rough surfaces and more. Its implementation is simple but the results are interesting, especially when a nice color-map is applied to the matrix and it is shown as a 3D-surface.

Example of a Random Midpoint Displacement Fractal

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